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Volunteer to teach English to children and teachers.

Through Global Volunteers, in ancient Xi’an, help teach young and
adult students conversational English as they prepare for work in the
global community where knowledge of English is essential. Volunteers
use a variety of methods, including dividing classes into smaller
groups for English practice and holding English storytelling and
imitation contests. Many times you will have a chance to enjoy a
performance for parents and visitors which will include songs, skits
and plays — in both Chinese and English.

Exploring the rugged and remote hill country of Taishun County, Zhejiang Province, to document village architecture

This scenic hill country of steep valleys, forests, streams and
waterfalls remains almost untouched by China’s explosive development.
It is an aspect of China that few foreigners will ever see. Tiny hill
villages are still connected by narrow stone paths and picturesque
bridges that have sustained them for 1,000 years. These villages have
unique architecture, such as elaborate ‘lineage halls’ and family
homes, that are a gateway to China’s past. With Earthwatch,your work
will help discover how local architecture related to the economy and
culture of another time, spurring local awareness and support for their


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